Sharing Our Strengths

Profiting from collaboration and cooperation

Members of the Leone LeoLab Network bring many years of experience together for the benefit of our colleagues, clients, and our individual businesses. Learn more about the advantages of Leone LeoLab USA membership:

Member Benefits - Leolab - Certification


We, at LeoneAmerica, are excited to announce the upcoming development of the first and only formal orthodontic lab certification standards in the United States. Inspired by cutting-edge research in Italy and based on the international accreditation system currently used in European orthodontic laboratories; this certification program will allow Leone LeoLab USA members to be recognized as the most progressive orthodontic labs in the United States. In addition to lab certification, all Leone LeoLab technicians will follow formal peer reviews and standards on appliance manufacturing.

Member Benefits - Leolab - Research


The Leone LeoLab USA website includes a section with newsletters, technical articles and scientific research to keep members up to date on the newest developments and innovations in the orthodontic industry. With the support of LeoneAmerica, we provide the means for our members to conduct research on new techniques and technologies, sharing the results with the entire network.

Member Benefits - Leolab - Dedication & Training


Orthodontics is changing rapidly; with the development and incorporation of digital technology, as well as new diagnostic and treatment methods. Keeping our members well educated and continually growing their knowledge base is one of our primary roles. Leone LeoLab USA members receive exclusive access to educational resources, including network forums, Lunch-and-Learn presentations, on-site training sessions and more.

Member Benefits - Leolab - Lab-to-lab Sharing


In the best sense, Leone LeoLab USA is like being part of a large study club. Members get together to talk about common challenges, share ideas, ask questions, and suggest new approaches. We explore case studies and talk about the results. Everyone benefits from technical discussions of how to use new technologies and techniques. This ongoing collaboration supports innovation, encourages best practices, and often generates effective new solutions.

Member Benefits - Leolab - Competitive Advantage


There are many challenges to maintaining a viable business: Finding and keeping customers, producing a consistently high quality product, and doing it efficiently enough to turn a profit. Membership in Leone LeoLab USA puts you in a solid, supportive network of individually owned labs—and there’s strength in numbers. You’ll have access to many of the same sophisticated resources of the large national labs, but can still offer your doctors the responsive, personal service of a small local supplier.