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As featured in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

The Leaf Expander for Non-Compliance Treatment in the Mixed Dentition

Transverse discrepancy due to a reduced palatal dimension, usually accompanied by upper-arch crowding and crossbite, is one of the most common problems seen in orthodontics. Various devices for orthopedic maxillary expansion have been described, with the common objective of minimizing dental effects and maximizing skeletal effects. In the early mixed dentition, a transverse discrepancy can be effectively solved by anchoring a fixed expansion device such as a rapid palatal expander… READ MORE

New Product: Leone Mini Exspider

The new 7 mm – Mini Exspider designed to be able to place the screw as high as possible in the palate to determine the minimum encumbrance. READ MORE

Exspider: Clinical Application in Growing Patients

The authors present a report on the clinical application and the results of treatment to expand the maxilla using the Exspider screw. READ MORE

Rapid Maxillary Expansion:

Nowadays, rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is a quite popular orthodontic therapy since maxillary deficiency is probably the most recurrent problem that can be detected among patients. READ MORE

360 Maxillary Expansion: Today Better Than Yesterday

In this first out of two articles we’ll focus on the transversal expansion cases performed by using these new screws: they are 40% less bulky compared to the older ones therefore enhancing the patient comfort while assuring the needed strength and precision during the Rapid Expansion of the Palate and/or any biomechanical movements that might be induced by the appliance. READ MORE

A New Device for Calibrated Maxillary Expansion

The posterior crossbite is the most common transversal malocclusion and is generally accompanied by crowding of the upper arch. The devices used for this purpose, in addition to increasing transverse diameters, produce an increase of length of the arch. READ MORE